Euroweek - Digital Natives


Fachbereich Wirtschaft / BWL

Teilnehmer der Projektkonferenz:

Julia Raberger und Daniil Shestakov



This study will investigate the digital native generation as learners by exploring relationships between technology use and productive learning habits, expanding previously conducted research with a global perspective. The term “digital native” refers to those born after 1980 that have been exposed to technology in almost all factors of socialization. Characteristics of this generation include preference for speed, multitasking and social learning. Since students are exposed to digital media while their brains are within the developmental stages, it is possible that this exposure has affected students’ abilities, preferences, and attitudes related to learning. This research will test pre-existing assumptions concerning digital natives and gather data through survey research to address technology’s role in the learning process. The survey will prompt students from Germany, Poland and the United States to share their usage, habits and behaviors with technology. The results administered from the survey will provide insight as to how students of the digital native generation have adapted to technological advancement within society and have learned to operate it in a way that has had an overall enhancement of education. The analysis of the data collected from the research will contribute to advances in education that will describe a learning environment that efficiently addresses the wants and needs of students within the digital native generation.

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      • neue Bekannte
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